With my camera I capture the color, the texture, and the depth of the world — as I see it. Customers frequently asked, “Are these Paintings or Photos?”  I like the question because it tells me the image has probably captured the imagination!

These portfolio images represent my travels and my wanderings. Many of my images come from planned travels in Europe or in America. Some images come as unplanned surprises while wandering in a rural town, along the ocean, in the hills —  some place with an unexpected moment. You, too, have seen uncommon beauty as the light exposes a short moment…then it’s gone –a setting sun — or a rainbow — or a bird landing a limb — or a child’s smile. The found spontaneous composition will not wait long for a camera.

I invite you to click through my sample images in Photo ART.

All portfolio photo images are copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Thank You!