Coast View: Cape Foulweather


Cape Foulweather is an iconic view of Oregon’s central rocky coastline.

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Question: What is the difference?

Paper Prints 

Paper prints are printed ON acid-free paper with 10 archival inks for a long lasting print.

Paper prints are printed by Maple Hill Pix, carefully rolled, and shipped in tubes.  No glass is shipped.  Prices for “Paper Prints” are PRINTS ONLY.  Note: From your local frame shop, you can purchase a ready-made frame with a mat, OR purchase a custom mat and frame. Frame shops quote mat size, not print size.  All sizes listed in the drop down menu are standard mat sizes.  Therefore in order to properly fit behind the mat, your ordered print will be slightly smaller to accommodate the mat size listed.

Contemporary Metal Prints

The embedding of inks IN metal is a complex and very expensive process. The result is deep engaging beauty that may “last a lifetime”. The inks are not surface inks.

Metal prints are printed by a specialized local printer. Metal prints reveal visually engaging details. They may “seem like a quiet window to another world.”  The image appears dimensional and translucent.  A metal print is scratch resistanthas embedded inks, and cleans with glass cleaner.  The metal backside is reinforced with a bonded frame.  It’s Ready to Hang!

Review for more technical details:  For metal prints, the embedded inks in the metal will reflect color in varied wave lengths. Varied color wave lengths create the dimensional feeling. The embedded inks add to the life span of the art. FADING? Frequent passing sunlight will not fade the embedded colors or hurt metal. However, long time, unrelenting hot sun may first warp the metal.

In contrast, paper inks covered with glass absorbs light and under the right conditions, fading can happen within years. Paper inks have a far shorter life span than metal inks. Glass over the paper print reflects not the paper. Direct, continuous sun light on the glass will intensify heat and fading.