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Almost 20 years ago, I opened an old cardboard box found on a closet shelf and discovered old, gray, somewhat blurry photos from my 1950's high school years! Hmmm!

As I stared at my 2" x 2", black and white photographs, I saw a common element between them. At that moment, I rediscovered some natural composition skills.

As a 1940's child, I was quiet, self-isolating, and restless with no friends, but, somehow, I could see design and beauty. My parents opened my tiny world with the gift of a camera and a Kodak film developing kit.

Much later, with the advent of the digital camera, I reinvented my quiet world. Strange as it seemed to me, a few people asked to buy an image or two. "Why not try art festivals?" they asked. My first tent festival was in Silverton, Oregon.

For 16 years, summer festivals inspired me to shoot what I see and share in different venues. But today Covid-19 has changed the art market. Currently, I reach out to individuals, to construction, non-profit, and professional offices.

Enjoy what you see, and what you feel from these images.

My images will be found in the following locations:

  • North Bank Surgery Center
    NorthWest Human Services

  • Silverleaf Cafe at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond

  • Oregon State Hospital (Junction City)

  • Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center

  • Residence Inn (PDX) Marriott

  • Salem Free Clinic

  • Capital Manor

  • Corban University

  • Broadway Commons

  • Various area Dentists, Attorneys, CPAs
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